Galaxy Liquid Glitter Case - Mermaid with the Hair

$ 19.99

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This case features the mermaid with the good hair! Printed beautifully on a liquid glitter and confetti phone case.
This sturdy, snap on phone case is filled with glitter and tiny confetti hearts floating around in water and mineral oil.  Unlike the thousands on the market with potentially toxic ingredients, ours are strong, safe, and not to mention, GORGEOUS!

- Clear and sturdy case
- Liquid, moving glitter
- ​Printed in-house in Los Angeles
- UV Sealed for flake and fade resistance print
- Safe for use; filled with mineral oil and water

These cases are strong and filled with mineral oil and water. Unlike many others, they will not cause chemical burn or harm your skin. Nevertheless, if the case does leak or break, dispose of it IMMEDIATELY by placing it in a tightly sealed plastic bag (such as a ziplock) and discontinue use immediately.

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