Phone Case Recycling Program

wood phone case recycling program

Arla LaserWorks Wood Phone Case Recycling Program

If you own an Arla LaserWorks Wood Phone Case then you know 3 things already:

  1. They are made with ethically sourced wood from an FSC Certified supplier.
  2. They are very protective.
  3. They are made with two parts. The first part is the solid wood backing which gets engraved; the second part is the black encasing that it is attached to.

The encasing is a slim rubber hybrid. This keeps your phone case light, and adds extra impact-protection including a bumper over the face of your phone.

If you've seen the craftsmanship of our cases, you know that the bond between the encasing and wood is strong, seamless, and secure. Individually, both parts can be recycled, but require different methods. 

So how can we recycle the case when the two parts are so firmly attached? How do we dispose of our phone cases in such a way where they leave a much smaller footprint?

This is when my experiments started. With a little research, some trial and error, I was able to develop a completely organic solution, that when under the right circumstances, completely separates the two pieces. The wood is chipped and recycled organically, and the encasing is collected and sent to a local recycling center.

Without this separation process, it could just end up in a landfill. We don't want that! This desire to lessen our environmental impact is how our recycling program was born.

How Arla LaserWorks' Recycling Program Works

Easy! Send your wood phone case back to us for safe separation and proper recycling, and receive a discount on your next case! 

Mail your phone case to:
Arla Recycling
3747 Foothill Blvd
Glendale, Ca 91214

Include a note with your e-mail address (important!). This is where we will e-mail your coupon code within 2 business days of your package's arrival.

Use your exclusive coupon code to buy yourself a new Arla phone case at 25% off!

That's it! So easy that you'll thank yourself, and the Earth will thank you too!

An important note: Please do not attempt to pull the case apart with your fingers or attempt to break/wedge it apart! You can cause damage or injury to yourself because the attachment is very secure. Even if you do separate some part of it, the wood will likely break in such a way that leaves the encasing un-recyclable.

Let us do that part - you sit back and enjoy your discount, knowing you used your ecofriendly phone case, and it is now going where it needs to. =)




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