Choosing the Right Photo for your Stone Slate Plaques!

Tips on picking the best photo for your Arla Photo Slate Plaques

(and why we're the best at it!)


With smart phones in our hands, the opportunity to capture moments is virtually limitless. Some moments are extra special and worth commemorating in ways that do it justice!

Our most gifted creations are the photo displays on our stone slabs!

These beautiful, smooth slabs have individually chiseled edges that add an extra dimension of depth and style. Every print goes all the way to the edge and 2 foot stands are always included.

We offer 4 styles of gift wrap to suit your occasions, making gifting an even more memorable occasion and your life that much easier. (PS. all our gift wrap is 100% recycled paper).

Our print process is a direct UV sealed print, directly on the slab. This means that while several print heads deliver crisp and vibrant color, dual UV lights follow it to cure and adhere it to the surface. Unlike photographs that fade in direct sunlight, Arla LaserWorks’ stone slabs will remain vibrant near even the sunniest window.


We give each photograph and slab individual attention. This includes color correction, photo optimization, sharpness, and communicating with you if we believe your photo will not give you the best possible result.

Now…to get the best results, let’s help you pick out the best photos!

Since these plaques have chiseled edges, choose a photo that has about a 1cm (or pinky sized) margin. We don’t want an important part of the photo getting distorted in the edges!


Also, choose a brightly lit, and crisp photo. The higher the resolution, the better result we can get for you! While we do free photo optimization, we can’t add higher pixel quality that was initially missing.

That being said, sometimes it’s not the composition or the lighting that matters most; it’s about the moment! We'll Photos are a way to keep a memory alive, and offer the opportunity to feel a moment again and again. It’s what we turn to when we want to remember special moments, and special people.

At Arla LaserWorks, you’ll get personal service leading to the best possible results! Every order within the USA has complimentary photo optimizations and a low flat rate for expedited shipping speeds.

We take care of you!

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